About GoodNews Children Education Mission

Good News children Education Mission had been started to look after the street children by bringing them to school, feeding and teaching them while their mothers worked in other people’s houses. Thus, the school ministry started. The Mission primarily worked for the under-privileged children of the society. But slowly when it grew in strength and standard, other children of the middle class and lower middle class families joined in. At present the Mission has different sections through which children and their parents get benefits.

The Mission has:
  • Regular Schools
  • Mobile Schools
  • Hostels for both boys and girls
  • Baby Care Centre
  • Bakery
  • Music Classes
  • Martial Art Classes
  • Medical Aids
  • Students’ Scholarships and different Cultural Programmes to inculcate in them the Aesthetic senses

Here they are taught to be disciplined, caring, honest, punctual, helpful, loving , forgiving, and sharing things with others. Not only they are taught to be efficient in body, mind and spirit but also to be a good human being. The main purpose is to make the children good citizens of India.